A selection of work broadcast on air during my time at the University of King's College radio workshop. I produced, hosted and reported on news around the Halifax Regional Municipality. 

I hosted the Radio Room on January 26,2016 and also produced the 'FTR' on Magicfinnga Wong that appears midway through the program. 

Here is my attempt to create a soundscape. It was originally intended as a 'PSA' style piece that provided the number of the Nova Scotia mental health crisis hotline. However, it never made it to air. If you or anyone close to you is experiencing a mental health crisis please contact: 1-888-429-8167

I had the opportunity to talk to Kris Bertin about his collection of short fiction titled "Bad Things Happen". Here is my Tape Talk with the host of the February 9, 2015 Radio Room Sarah MacMillan.  

Time for me to ask the important questions about my friends on Facebook. 

This is the first piece that I ever produced for the Radio Room. It is a personal favorite as it has a compelling central character in Nadine Burke.  

Yes, that is me singing. Yes I do it terribly. This piece was just a lot of fun to create and I think it shows how we were allowed to experiment in the workshop. 

This is the newscast I hosted and produced on February 8, 2016. We didn't have a tech in the booth that day so we were flying by the seat of our pants. I think it turned out great.