With dignity, humour and love: The importance of the little things

Sometimes it's the little things that matter the most. 

Before my mom died, nearly 16 years ago, my brother and I were given a heart shaped pendant with a thumbprint embedded on it. It is one of the few physical items from my mom that I've been able to keep after moving across the country.

The thumbprint has long since been rubbed away, faded by the near constant friction of wearing it and holding it whenever I needed a reminder of what pushes me. Even though it rarely resembles the thing I was given 16 years ago I still carry it with me. Its size doesn't reveal how important it is me.

Today will be a day just like any other. But it also marks a change.

In my last blog post I wrote about the importance of getting my master's degree:  

It was my mother’s dream that I get a Master Degree. She wanted my brother and I to get an education, she believed it was one of the best ways to make a livelihood.

I’m not sure that I ever truly wanted to get a Master Degree.

I don’t think it was originally part of my plan. But here I am, only ten days away from walking across the stage for the third time in three years – and I’ll be receiving the degree in something I love.

When I go across that stage it won’t be for me. It’ll be for her.

After six years of post graduate studies I'm finally finished the final thing I know my mom would've loved to see my complete. I've collected three degrees in six years.I know the certificates are important but they still mean less than the tiny, worn down pendant I'll be wearing around my neck.

 "With dignity, humour and love," was my mothers unofficial motto.  It's on her grave. Today I'll use it as my official motto. 

The little things, a pendant or a phrase can mean more than six years of your life or three degrees. Don't forget to cherish them.