It’s OK to follow the dreams that are not yours

Today marks the 22nd Mother’s Day of my life. I used to enjoy this day. It was fun and it was a good chance to spend time with my family. But that was a long time ago. This will be the 16th year without my mom and until now I haven’t really felt like this was a day I could celebrate.

It has taken me 23 years to learn a lesson, one that I haven’t been able to fully appreciate until recently.

Here is that lesson.

You don’t always have to follow your dreams. Many of us won’t. We’ll be limited by wealth or by geography or even time. But this is an important thing, sometimes the dreams you follow don’t have to be your own.

The place I’m at now. The things I’ve done are all because of my mom. She was the one who taught me to fall in love with reading, to know a story and to be brave.  

It was my mother’s dream that I get a Master Degree. She wanted my brother and I to get an education, she believed it was one of the best ways to make a livelihood.

I’m not sure that I ever truly wanted to get a Master Degree.

I don’t think it was originally part of my plan. But here I am, only ten days away from walking across the stage for the third time in three years – and I’ll be receiving the degree in something I love.

When I go across that stage it won’t be for me. It’ll be for her.

That’s my gift to you, Happy Mother’s Day Mom.