The Silver Dragon

Victor Fee Quon  1927 - 2016

Victor Fee Quon
1927 - 2016

Yesterday we buried my grandfather, Victor Quon, a man who served as the connection to my Chinese heritage. He touched the life of everyone around him - serving as pillar of the Chinese community in Lethbridge, Alberta.

My grandfather provided more than I can ever hope to understand; I inherited my middle and last names from him; because of him I was born in Canada; he gave the opportunity for my father to attend University where he eventually met my mother. He arrived in this country in 1955 hoping to create a better future for generations to come. When I looked at the family who had gathered for his funeral, I have no doubt that his dream came true. You will be missed. I wrote this poem for his passing. 

The Silver Dragon

You lay now,
Interred and eternal

With weathered skin
Greying hair,
Arms outstretched and thin

A coloured dawn,
Bright and new
Brought you to these shores

Your Herculean effort,   
Boundless in size
Gave me everything I have

But now
You lay,
Interred and eternal
At peace once more