The Daily Beast and journalistic ethics

Source: ( The Daily Beast ) 

Source: (The Daily Beast

It really isn't that hard to do things right when you're media. 

Just follow the basic rules of journalism, one of which is don't lie. Another is to not put the subjects of your story in danger. 

Both of these things are what Nico Hines of the Daily Beast did when he wrote his now infamous story that focused on gay athletes in Rio. 

Outing people is bad, but outing people who live in countries hostile to LGBT is worse. They can face life threatening consequences. But I shouldn't have to tell you this. I'll let your writers do it for me. 

When Gawker decided to out a an executive living a secret lifestyle your writers took them to task. 

So what made you think publishing this was a good idea at all? 

Here is what you don't do when you release a controversial and admittedly terrible article. 

You don't do a half measure like edit out identifying details when the entire premise of the article is wrong. Then, when you realize that you messed up so bad that you became a Twitter moment you don't pull the article. It's nice that you now redirect to an editors letter admitting that you messed up but you're also hiding that fact by pulling the article down.

This was failure on numerous fronts. Hines should have never pitched the article, written the article and an editor should have never permitted it to go up on your site.  

The Daily Beast has promised they'll do better. Lets hope they're right.