What I've been reading while I've been confined to bed

Centre Island Ferry

Centre Island Ferry

I'm currently laid up in bed with a possible ACL tear all I've been able to do is read. So here are some of the things I've read this week. 

The myth of Beaumont-Hamel: How Newfoundland’s tragic death march became a noble advance by Joe O'Connor for the National Post
Every nation has it's founding myths and for the people of Newfoundland that myth comes from the battlefields of France. O'Connor quotes historian Robert Harding: "World War I might have been Canada’s road to national maturity, but it ended Newfoundland’s national potential...From this Canadian perspective, Beaumont-Hamel is a reminder to Newfoundlanders of their country’s mortal wounding.”

Centre of Canada? Been there, done that by Meagan Campbell for Maclean's
Meagan Campbell attended my alma mater, University of King's College, but I wasn't lucky enough to meet her while I was there. She recentlyl traveled to the centre of Canada for Maclean's and wrote about it. It's a great article and I'd recommend another one of her pieces "The loneliness of a losing candidate," which was one of my favourite articles of last year.

Buzzfeed eliminates Canadian political coverage by Peter Sterne for Politico
Canada's media landscape is in a constant state of flux and now it has changed once again. Vice recently pulled out of covering Parliament Hill and now Buzzfeed Canada's two person bureau has joined them. Politico reports that "[Paul] McLeod will move to Buzzfeed's Washington bureau. [Emma] Loop is deciding whether to follow McLeod to Washington or leave the company." 

Inside account of Labour MPs’ attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by Tom Mctague for Politico
With the Brexit come and gone it's almost easy to overlook the political chaos left in its wake. PM David Cameron has resigned and Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing an internal revolt. Mctague has the full coverage of Labour MP's grievances.  

The Marriage That Led to the Russian Track Team’s Olympic Ban by John Brant for The New York Times Magazine
Finally, I present a long form piece from NYMag that chronicles how one marriage, between a Russian track star and an anti-doping agent, changed Russia's fortunes at the 2016 Rio Olympics.