On the National Post and having dreams come true

The towers at the corner of Front St. and Bay in Toronto, Canada. 

The towers at the corner of Front St. and Bay in Toronto, Canada. 

I know the National Post isn't a big paper out east but out in the prairies of Saskatchewan it is the king of the newspaper industry. It's the paper I grew up reading. When I decided that I wanted to be a journalist the National Post was the paper I dreamed I'd end up writing for. This Thursday one of my stories was featured on the front page of their website. I know everyone in the program has different career goals but I hope you guys remember that your dreams can come true.

If you follow me on social media or have me on Facebook you might have seen me make a few jokes before I left about being the "small town country boy in the big city." Well boys and girls I probably shouldn't have cracked that joke. Toronto is massive and I was not prepared for it at all. For the first few days my neck actually  hurt because I kept looking at all the tall buildings. It took some getting used to but I'm here now and I love it; the subway, the people, the honking of every car horn is beautiful in its own way.

I think the hardest part going forward is going to be shaping my pitches to a national paper. Something that sounds great to a regional paper or a local daily might not interest a national paper. That means I need to find some different stories. I'll be pitching some of those this weekend so hopefully you'll see them next week.

If you ever travel to Toronto I reccommend going to the cat cafe and making some new feline friends. It's pretty relaxing. I'll touch on that more in a future blog.