What I’ve been reading the week of Feb 8, 2016 (kind of)

Winter here in Halifax

Winter here in Halifax

Yes. I know it’s a day late. Sorry but time just got away of me. This will be a catch all week for this feature so I won’t necessarily stick to the week. I’m starting my magazine workshop this week so I’ll post some more info on that later this week. On to the good reads:

Newspaper Adviser Is Fired After Students’ Scoop Roils Maryland Campus
Mike McPhate – New York Times

This is an interesting case of what can happen when you chase the big story. Sometimes people can get caught in the crossfire. The story this paper published is undoubtedly an important one to tell. The comments of the school’s president are especially disturbing. However, it may all end on a good note.  

The rise of the Islamic State doomed Rand Paul’s presidential chances
Chris Cillizza – Washington Post

Chris Cillizza is going to be a regular fixture in this blog, mostly because he’s one of my favourite writers. This came out right after Rand Paul withdrew from the GOP presidential race and it’s an interesting look at how his campaign was doomed for his stance on foreign policy.

Jian Ghomeshi trial: When #BelieveTheVictims meets #DueProcess
Neil Macdonald – CBC

Here is analysis about the Jian Ghomeshi trial. Now, this legal case has dominated the Canadian news cycle for the last few weeks. It’s opened up numerous discussions about how our legal system treats victims of sexual assault. I’m not sure what the correct answer is but the article provides some legal context about why our system has to act like this.

Canada’s two-tier system: Syrians not the only ones fleeing adversity at home, experts and refugees say
Michelle McQuigge – The National Post via The Canadian Press

Immigration, as I mentioned in the last iteration of this series, is a topic I’m very interested in. This details how even though Canada is doing its best to bring over as many Syrian refugees as possible other refugees are falling through the cracks.

The Heresies of Donald Trump
Yoni AppelBaum – The Atlantic

Have you been watching the GOP debates? Well if you haven’t you should. It is great television and I don’t think that you could write this script even if you tried. Here is a nice long analysis of everything that Donald Trump did wrong in the latest GOP debate.