Some extended time off

Looking out on the water at Point Pleasant Park, NS.

Looking out on the water at Point Pleasant Park, NS.

Hey guys late post on this but I thought I'd let you know why I haven't been posting this past week. Over Christmas my grandmother passed from some health complications and I haven’t really felt up to putting myself out there on this blog. I’m hoping to get back on a roll in the next couple days.  Until then here is a couple things that I’ve been reading over the last week.

What I've been reading this week

El Chapo Speaks – Sean Penn – Rolling Stone

Lets start off with the thing that everyone has been reading. Sean Penn’s weirdly written and oddly edited monstrosity that was the exploration of El Chapo. It’s a weird piece of work that if it wasn’t so timely probably should have been edited a more. I really did not need to know about Penn’s flatulence but don’t worry it’s in there.

The problem with Rolling Stone’s El Chapo interview isn’t Sean Penn. It’s his editors. – Kelly McBride – Poynter

This is a follow up to the previous piece on El Chapo. It examines the ethics of allowing Sean Penn/ El Chapo almost complete control of the article.

The Dress Code for Power Lunching at the Four Seasons – John Ortved – The New York Times

The New York Times did a series of mini profiles of lunch goers at the four seasons. It’s worth a read if only to see the variety of cool outfits and thoughts from celebrities. Henry Kissinger also apparently has no time to deal with the New York Times, which I found hilarious.

Ambulance fees cause heavy damage to the sick and injured – Moira Donovan – The Coast

This is a good read about the state of health care in Nova Scotia and how much it costs for an ambulance. A little bit terrifying as a new resident of the province but definitely a good thing to take note of.